Name of object
Аpartment complex Headliner

Installation date
March 2020

Adress of object
Moscow, Shmitovskiy proezd, 39

Supplied equipment
SmartCity Separation Station 2

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  • Place containers for separate collection of street waste.
  • To increase the involvement of residents of the residential complex in the culture of separate waste collection.
  • Reduce costs of MSW removal.

Placement on the territory of the residential complex of autonomous stations for the separate collection of waste Smart City Separation Station 2 with sections for: plastic / glass / metal and mixed waste. Placement of social advertising to attract the attention of residents to the problem of separate waste collection.

Implementation effect:

Involving the population in the process of separating MSW for the introduction of RNO within walking distance

Significant reduction in operating costs of the management company for the removal of MSW

Increasing the loyalty of the residents of the complex

Binology, together with KORTROS and Uniservice (represented by City 24 Management Company), installed a high-tech RNO station on the territory of the

residential complex for receiving recyclable materials and mixed waste and introduced a separate waste collection system.

Smart City Separation Station 3 is fully autonomous, solar powered and consists of three sections for different types of waste, one of which is equipped with a compactor and is designed for compaction of mixed waste.

The station is controlled through the convenient Smart City Management service, which allows monitoring the filling in on-line mode.

The location of the station was not chosen by chance and is located on one of the busiest routes on the way to the pine park, next to the dog walking area. For the convenience of residents, a dispenser with packages for caring for animals on a walk is built into one of the sections.