SmartCity Bin 120 is a street waste compacting bin with fill-level measurement system, operating on sustainable solar power. It is an automatic urban trash container for outdoor use, supplied with solar panel, built-in compactor, fill-level measurement system based on innovative algorithm

Equipped with air pressure, humidity, temperature and air quality sensors. Galvanized steel vandalproof housing, separate locks on each door,  hands safety sensor and fire detection system with smart firefight algorithm stand for high safety standards. Stylish NB-IoT automatic garbage bins, supplied with advanced controlling and energy safe algorithms and real time data transfer – the face of smart city street landscape!

Binology Smart City Bin Lightbox compactor

Simple & efficient build-in vertical press allows the 1:8 times compaction of waste. Store limits of each bin increased from 120L up to 960L


 Use of solar energy makes our street smart bin full automatic, energy safe algorithms for low insolation regions included

Binology Smart City Bin 120 Lightbox LED indication of fill-level

Get real-time data about collected waste volume with the unique fill-level measurement system operated by smart algorithm 

Binology Smart City Bin 120 Lightbox shutter

Foot pedal operated waste receiver prevents wildlife and people to get access to the collected waste, blocks most of unpleasant odors


Street IoT waste compacting can 

The SmartCity Bin is an innovative solution for efficient urban waste treatment allowing radical change in the modern municipal solid waste management.

– Integrated compactor

is a simple and reliable device that can reduce waste volume by up to 8 times. A built-in algorithm automatically activates the pressing system according to the filling. The standard 120 L inner wheelie bin can hold up to 960 L pressed waste!

– Solar panel

allows the autonomous work without power supply connection. Thanks to smart energy save feature, even in low insolation and cold seasons, the charged battery can keep the bin online up to four weeks.

– Compressed waste

is hermetically and safely stored inside the standard 120L container. The closed bin design prevents the animals from having access to the waste and eliminates unpleasant odors. 

– Vandal proof

bin housing construction made from galvanized steel, combined with a fixed surface mount. The safety features are complimented with integrated smoke detector and fire prevention algorithm, hands safe and door open sensors.

– Online monitoring

allows a real-time monitoring of indicators for all installed bins: location, fill-level and type of the collected waste, battery charge, surrounding environmental parameters and even more. Build optimal dynamic collection routes, mark collected bins and analyze stored data in our SmartCity Management App.


  • software free 3-year subscription
  • foot pedal or easy push drop
  • vandal and weather resistant
  • two sides wheelie bin removal
  • LED fill-level & status indication
  • handy for disabled people
  • “Clean Hands” waste receiver
  • safety and firefight features


  • any RAL color paint
  • film cover and branding 
  • protective coating
  • built-in ashtray
  • built-in pet waste bag dispenser
  • hybrid power supply
  • 230V 50Hz power supply
  • extended warranty


1690 mm
737 mm
683 mm
Depth with pedal:
809 mm
Net weight:
237 kg
Housing material:
galvanized steel
Interior bin type:
wheelie bin 120 L (DIN EN 840)
Waste compaction ratio:
up to 1:8 (depends on waste type)
Waste compaction force:
860 N
Power supply:
50W photovoltaic panel
25 Ah
Temperature range:
-30 °C to +50 °C
Warranty included:
3 Years
Fill-measurement system:
Combined smart ultrasonic
Air temperature, pressure, humidity and quality sensors
Smoke detector & Notification
Tilt-shock sensor

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