Binology SmartCity Separation Station smart solar fill-level bin

Smart IoT solution for urban waste separation

Binology SmartCity Solutions

Binology Cloud Software and Mobile App

Bring your waste management to the new level of efficiency
Smart City Separation Station in Airport with branding and recycling

Intelligent waste management for public space

Binology SmartCity Bin Indoor with advanced advertising features
Smart City Bin Indoor TV in shopping mall

Smart and efficient indoor waste collection

Binology SmartCity Indoor TV with Full HD side screens
Binology SmartCity Separation Station 2 equipped with street compactor and fullness sensor system

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Improve your income opportunities on the rising market of Internet of Bins


Smart waste management

We are Binology – developer and producer of smart urban solutions for efficient and sustainable waste management. Our aim is to replace outdated waste collection technologies with such smart city solutions as IoT solar compacting containers with fill-level measurement and garbage bins fullness sensors, synergized with intellectual cloud software. Reduce your collection costs and collection frequency, save your workers time and be efficient with integrated planning and reporting tools! Interested? Check our video to find out more about Binology Smart City concept. 



SmartCity Bin 120

SmartCity Bin 120 Lightbox

Brand-new solution from Binology, our smart city compacting bin with fill-level measurement and compacting feature. Now with attractive side backlight advertising surfaces.

separation station

SmartCity Separation Station 2

Is a smart solution from Binology for waste separate collection in high foot traffic areas and crowded facilities of the city. Stylish, secure and efficient.

SmartCity Management

SmartCity Management

Is a smart Cloud Software and Mobile App from Binology for efficient urban waste management and costs optimization.



90 percent waste collection cost reduction with Binology
Up to 90% on waste collection

Reduce your overall waste collection costs! Smart sensor system will notify about trash containers current fullness level, which allows reducing collection frequency, save workers time and fuel!

80 percent cost reduction on service of the bins with Binology
Up to 80% on service & cleaning

Optimize waste collection tasks and receive real-time data from IoT hardware. This smart approach improves sanitary conditions and saves service & cleaning time.

Binology recycling solutions save up to 80 percent recyclables
Up to 80% saved recyclables

Help us to save valuable recyclable materials in high foot traffic areas and public spaces! Clean and quality resources should not be dumped with harm to the nature. Be sustainable!

Binology SmartCity Concept


We aim to improve the efficiency of modern urban waste management with developed
smart city solutions and sustainable approach!

SmartCity Separation Station 2 - Photo 1
Smart Cities

Modern smart city deserve intellectual IoT technologies even in waste management. Binology provides innovative solutions for waste collection, controlling and environmental care which accumulate big data and significantly save your time and costs.

Binology SmartCity Separation Station smart solar fill-level bin

Recycling and reuse are the headline trends of our generation. As an experienced team with more than 10 years in waste tech, we know how valuable and helpful can be a simple waste separation. Join the global Zero Waste movement with Binology!

Binology Separation Station 2 in Airport

The integrated waste collection solutions for transport hubs should be the guarantor of safety and efficiency. Binology solutions have high safety standards and intelligent algorithms, provide real-time monitoring and easy reporting features to optimize service.

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