SCSS 2 represents an innovative smart city solution for separate waste collection. It consists of two solar powered trash containers in a solid connection. One container is designed for general unsorted landfill waste collection and supplied with built-in press, which allows 8-times compaction and secure storage. The second dust bin has any compaction feature and aimed for the accumulation of recyclable materials. 

Both containers in Separation Station 2 are supplied with separate fill-level measurement systems for accurate data collection. Integrated IoT controlling module will keep you informed about each fraction filling status on SmartCity Management dashboard.

Binology Smart City Bin Lightbox compactor

Build-in vertical press allows up to 8 times waste compaction. Used only for landfill trash in the first section of SCST 2

Designed for the manual separation just on the street. Rim mask shape and clear leads will help with sorting

Binology Smart City Bin 120 Lightbox LED indication of fill-level

Each container in SCST 2 equipped with own sensor system enable fill-level tracking for each waste type

Different shapes of rim masks and apertures designed for efficient waste collection and separation. 


Modern day urban waste separate collection

SmartCity Separation Station 2 is an innovative solution from Binology, developed for efficient urban waste management and manual waste separation, which meets the requirements of nowadays Zero Waste worldwide initiatives. 

– Integrated compactor

is simple and reliable device that can reduce waste volume by up to 8 times. Practical experience has shown, that the compaction of several fractions of recyclable materials, such as PET bottles, paper, glass and organics is inefficient on the stage of collection, therefore our Separation Station 2 combines compacting container for landfill waste and non-compacting satellite container for valuable recyclable materials, which can be recycled or reused. 

– Solar panel

allows the autonomous work without AC power supply. Solid construction of Separation Station allows collecting more energy from two united solar panels, feeding one battery, what is useful while poor solar irradiance seasons. 

– Fill-level measurement system

integrated separately for each section of Separation Station 2. The closed container design prevents the animals from having access to the collected trash and eliminates unpleasant odors. Fill-level monitoring for each internal 120 L wheelie bin allows separate control of the current waste level for landfill waste and collected recyclable materials on the SmartCity Management dashboard.

– Online monitoring

SmartCity Management SaaS App allows a real-time monitoring of indicators for all installed containers: location, fill-level and type of the collected waste, battery charge and surrounding environmental parameters. Fill-level data for each container of Separation Station is separately collected indicated by color.


  • software free 3-year subscription
  • foot pedal or easy push drop
  • custom rim masks for separation
  • vandal and weather resistant
  • two sides wheelie bin removal
  • LED fill-level & status indication
  • handy for disabled people
  • “Clean Hands” waste receiver
  • safety and firefight features


  • any RAL color paint
  • film cover and branding
  • side posters box, also backlight
  • protective coating
  • built-in ashtray
  • built-in pet waste bag dispenser
  • hybrid power supply
  • 230V 50Hz power supply
  • extended warranty


1690 mm
1462 mm
683 mm
Depth with pedal:
809 mm
Net weight:
330 kg
Housing material:
galvanized steel
Interior bin type:
wheelie bin 120 L (DIN EN 840)
Waste compaction ratio:
up to 1:8 (depends on waste type)
Waste compaction force:
860 N
Power supply:
100 W photovoltaic panel
25 Ah
Temperature range:
-30 °C to +50 °C
Warranty included:
3 Years
Fill-measurement system:
Combined smart ultrasonic
Air temperature, pressure, humidity and quality sensors
Smoke detector & Notification
Tilt-shock sensor

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