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Binology developed a product line for efficient and sustainable eco-friendly city waste management, including IoT based Smart City solutions, cloud controlling software and mobile app. 

Binology Smart City Management is a software platform that is an integral part of Binology’s overall SmartCity solution product range. It’s a dedicated service that allows you to remotely monitor all installed equipment parameters in real time, conduct waste collection analytics, manage staff work and specialized transport collection routes.

We’ve developed multiplatform cloud software and mobile application with smart role assignment to centralize and simplify existing waste management workflow. Overall controlling and statistic dashboard for managing companies, flexible task management and reporting for waste collection organizations, user-friendly and simple navigation and reporting mobile App for drivers.  

Get to the new level of efficiency with Smart City Management smart planning!  Optimize your collection routes, depending on the actual fill-level of the bins. Centralize complex operation management tasks of waste disposal just in one multiplatform dashboard with user-friendly intuitive interface. You can easily get access to the collected data from the network of installed smart bins about current fill-level of each bin, local environment indicators, and other features, like battery charge. Real-time collected data allows responding rapidly, set and control tasks for drivers and can be simply converted into needed reports.

Smart City Management is the Cloud software which can be operated from any device, also Tablet and Mobile. We’ve also designed a Mobile App “Binology” for collection trucks with a simple interface and handy navigation system. Mobile App allows easy reporting and separate task management for each driver. Get the dynamic routing collection task, mark collected bins and report needed notes to the bin status. Simple & Efficient!

The operator observes via web-interface all the key indicators of the installed bins in real time: location, type of waste collected, fill-level, battery charge, environmental parameters, deviations in the smart bin operation.  In several simple steps becomes possible to set collection routes and tasks for drivers, create relevant reports. Each collection task has several waypoints with filled bins to empty. 

The driver of each collection truck, using a tablet or smartphone, receives a task with the bins location and dynamic collection route to avoid traffic jams. The driver marks each collected bin in a mobile application, allowing the operator to supervise the workflow of the driver. It is also available to leave the notes to each bin, if any departure was noticed. Track and optimize your collection costs, supervise and simplify waste collection management, save your time and maximize efficiency!

Binology is aware, that many waste collection companies already use specialized software. Binology aim was to develop an efficient and user-friendly alternative for any company, which might be involved in the collection processes. We also provide the possibility of API integration in case by case manner. 

Binology solutions measure fullness of the bin and battery charge. Smart City Bins and Separation Stations also have built-in weather station in basic setup what allows collecting various information about ambient air: temperature, pressure, humidity and even air quality index (AQI). The security section contains data about vandal cases, smoke detection, different doors types opening and alarm notifications. Optimize your collection planning with analyze of collection frequency, stored amount of waste and vehicles mileage.

Currently, Smart City Management and Binology Mobile App are available in English. We know how important is to stay connected with local workers around the world and plan to add more languages to our solution in cooperation with local Binology distributors. We are looking forward to providing high quality service on users native languages to guarantee best conditions for Binology partners and clients.

Binology Smart City solutions can reduce overall waste management costs by up to 75%. For several ongoing projects we have noticed the difference in up to 80% savings on service, cleaning and maintenance over conventional street trash cans. For public transport hubs cases, the overall statistics reaches 70% service staff efficient work time release. Smart City Separation Station in synergy with Smart City Management allows up to 90% saved recyclables share from MSW in high foot traffic areas. Other benefits are reduced CO2 air pollution, saved fuel and lower vehicles wear, decreased traffic congestion. 

Binology solutions make cities cleaner, simplify waste management tasks and help to save valuable recyclable materials!

Smart City Management is free to use for first 3 years from the installation of Binology equipment! After the trial period, you will be advised to subscribe to use Binology Cloud software and mobile App with a flexible per unit pricing model – the more equipment you subscribe, the less you pay. 

Binology also provides demo access to Smart City Management software. Full functionality with pre-created bins on the global map. Sign up for Demo with the form above!


We aim to make the city cleaner, eco-friendly and sustainable, reduce CO2 emissions from inefficient transport use and increase street sanitary conditions. Furthermore, Binology supports waste separate collection and recycling with new feature, in which you can set up a type of the collected waste morphology for each smart recycle trash can. Track and separately collect valuable recyclable materials with Binology Smart City Management!



Real-time tracking

Analyze gathered data from sensors on the intuitive user-friendly dashboard. Centralize your planning and task management, increase the efficiency of waste collection and save valuable time and  human recourses

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Big data & custom reports

Create custom reports using big data from IoT smart bins network. Automize routine processes and reporting. Experience our software to digitalize and optimize complex planning and task management in your team

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Smart notifications

No need to check empty bins spending staff time and fuel – just check your dashboard or mobile application for the notifications. Fill-level, waste type, battery charge, security notifications and many more metrics just on hand

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Optimize time & planning

Real-time status, notifications and intuitive overview, in combination with task management and custom reports – the new level of centralized and comfort work conditions for efficient waste management team. 


Take a closer look on Binology efficient waste management concept for modern cities based on IoT smart technologies and real-time data collection.

  • Forget about local waste dumps around outdated conventional bins with free access of wildlife to uncovered waste.
  • Make waste collection efficient, save staff time and fuel, produce less CO2.
  • Stay notified about fill-level and actual status of the installed trash containers.
  • Reduce collection frequency and maintenance costs with smart planing.
  • Help the environment and earn on saved recyclable materials share!

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