SmartCity Bin Indoor TV is a smart IoT solution from Binology for the indoor use with advanced advertising possibilities. This smart bin is specially designed as a brand-new opportunity for the efficient indoor waste management, supplied with two 43’’ high resolution LED screens and remote content manager at your service! 

Indoor smart dust bin from Binology combines sanitary waste collection and storage with stylish and technologically advanced marketing instruments. “Clean hands” technology with build-in foot pedal in basic setup! Tight closing shutter won’t let the unpleasant odours out, while real-time fill-level monitoring and smart notification system help to prevent overfilling. Optimize controlling and operational costs,  keep track on air quality, temperature, pressure and humidity of the environment, collect data and create reports with SmartCity Management cloud service and mobile App! 

Binology Smart City Bin Lightbox compactor

1:8 waste compaction significantly reduces operational costs by optimizing controlling processes, saving staff time and resources

Binology Smart City Bin Indoor TV Side Full HD LED screens

Two 43″ Full HD video panels with remote content manager synergize marketing opportunities with practical utility & style

Binology Smart City Bin 120 Lightbox LED indication of fill-level

Integrated fulness sensor system allows keeping track on rubbish level with mobile App notification and data analysis  

Binology Smart City Bin 120 Lightbox shutter

Tight closing waste receiver shutter and “clean hands” feature, stand for high sanitary conditions and rubbish odour conservation


Indoor fill-level rubbish bin & controlling software

Binology introduces indoor waste compacting bin with fullness detection, operating on 230V AC power supply. It is an innovative solution for efficient indoor waste management, combined with powerful marketing and advertising tools, synergizing practical use, cost saving and high sanitary standards.

Binology Indoor TV solution perfectly fits such facilities as:

  • Transport hubs: airports, marines, railway and metro stations.
  • Business and exhibition centres, museums.
  • Shopping malls, market spaces and food courts. 

– High resolution LED displays 

converting our practical and stylish waste container into a new possibility of indoor advertisement. Full HD 43″ displays will attract the attention with high quality sound and video content. For your convenience, we included the remote content management system, which can simplify your advertising activities. 

– Safety and sanitary conditions 

of indoor space were in the focus of our attention, therefore we supplied our intelligent dust bins with hands safety, doors opening, environment and tilt-shock sensors. “Clean hands” feature reduces contact with the bin to pressing down the foot pedal or simply pushing rubbish into receiver window. In case of fire emergency, smoke detector and firefighting algorithm will put the press down to cut the air supply, while sending alarm notifications to staff members. 

– SmartCity Management 

software and mobile App will notify the administration and personnel about all tracked parameters, also sends notifications in emergency cases. Using Binology solutions, the staff workers can easily identify the fill-level of the bin, checking the smartphone dashboard or taking a short view on the LED indication panel of the bin. Collected data from integrated sensors simply transforms into customized reports, while complex operational management of waste collection is now centralized and intuitive.


  • software free 3-year subscription
  • foot pedal or easy push drop
  • two sides wheelie bin removal
  • LED fill-level & status indication
  • handy for disabled people
  • “Clean Hands” waste receiver
  • safety and firefight features
  • supports for indoor surface protection


  • any RAL color paint
  • film cover and branding 
  • protective coating
  • extended warranty
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • foot traffic counter


1690 mm
737 mm
683 mm
Depth with pedal:
809 mm
Net weight:
261 kg
Housing material:
galvanized steel
Interior bin type:
wheelie bin 120 L (DIN EN 840)
Waste compaction ratio:
up to 1:8 (depends on waste type)
Waste compaction force:
860 N
Power supply:
AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption
320 W/h
Advertising video displays (24/7)
Two side 43’’ Full HD
Display protection
Safety glass
Advertising software
Remote content manager
Temperature range:
-30 °C to +50 °C
Warranty included:
3 Years
Fill-measurement system:
Combined smart ultrasonic
Air temperature, pressure, humidity and quality sensors
Smoke detector & Notification
Tilt-shock sensor

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