Global Zero Waste initiatives and challenging environmental issues resulted in national waste separation, reuse & recycle programs. Considering modern day market requests, Binology introduces smart IoT solution for efficient urban waste separate collection – SmartCity Separation Station 3. 

It is a self-sustainable solar paneled urban rubbish separation station, which consists of two and up to ten allied trash containers for manual separation of such valuable recyclables as: paper and cardboard, recyclable plastic, metal, glass etc. The central element of the station is the container for landfill waste, with compaction feature, while satellite containers are non-compacting, but all equipped with own fullness level advanced sensor system. Using SmartCity Management software, becomes simple to recognize the amount of each type collected waste.

Binology Smart City Bin Lightbox compactor

Press for the landfill waste section allows 1:8 trash crushing. Smart sensor system measures fill-level and sends data

The number of satellite containers in the station can be increased up to 9 sections for any separation concept

Binology software designed for separation tasks, identifies and marks each satellite container collected type of waste

Various shapes of available rim masks and apertures  for separate PET, glass, metal, paper etc. collection


Smart waste separation for high foot traffic areas

SmartCity Separation Station 3 is a technologically advanced solution from Binology, designed to address modern city waste collection and separation requests. The collection of clean recyclable materials is a key to efficient and profitable reuse and recycle programs initiatives.

– Integrated press feature

allows reducing waste volume by up to 8 times for the landfill waste container. The achieved experience has shown, that several recyclable waste types compaction, such as PET bottles, paper, glass and organics might be inefficient because of various factors and further recycling needs. 

– Clean recyclable materials

as the result of SmartCity Separation Station implementation helps to collect and store sorted waste to essentially reduce the manual work on waste sorting facilities. Due to the simple manual sorting of the rubbish, generated from intensive pedestrian traffic, the accumulated recyclable materials are clean and won’t require additional washing and high amount of cleaning chemicals. 

– Online monitoring

as a key feature of SmartCity Management Cloud App allows a real-time data collection just as for all installed smart bins and stations, so for each satellite container. Fill-level data for each satellite container of Separation Station is separately collected indicated by color on the dashboard. The task management feature allows considering types of the collected waste for smart routing.

– Customization and branding

are the important element of separation policies implementation and sustainable lifestyle promoting. Binology offers a variety of the available rim masks and apertures, also attractive advertising possibilities form a simple branding with informational notes, to side poster frames and film wrapping.


  • software free 3-year subscription
  • foot pedal or easy push drop
  • custom rim masks for separation
  • vandal and weather resistant
  • two sides wheelie bin removal
  • LED fill-level & status indication
  • handy for disabled people
  • “Clean Hands” waste receiver
  • safety and firefight features
  • separate fill-level and waste type tracking for each container


  • any RAL color paint
  • film cover and branding
  • side posters box, also backlight
  • protective coating
  • built-in ashtray
  • built-in pet waste bag dispenser
  • hybrid power supply
  • 230V 50Hz power supply
  • extended warranty
  • up to 10 containers extension


1690 mm
2197 mm
683 mm
Depth with pedal:
809 mm
Net weight:
427 kg
Housing material:
galvanized steel
Interior bin type:
wheelie bin 120 L (DIN EN 840)
Waste compaction ratio:
up to 1:8 (depends on waste type)
Waste compaction force:
860 N
Power supply:
150 W photovoltaic panel
25 Ah
Temperature range:
-30 °C to +50 °C
Warranty included:
3 Years
Fill-measurement system:
Combined smart ultrasonic
Air temperature, pressure, humidity and quality sensors
Smoke detector & Notification
Tilt-shock sensor

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