Name of object
Mall Kashirskaya plaza

Installation date
June 2020

Adress of object
Moscow, Kashirskoe highway, 6G

Supplied equipment
SmartCity Separation Station 2



  • Place containers for separate collection of street waste.
  • Increase the involvement of visitors with a culture of separate waste collection.
  • Reduce costs of MSW removal.
Placement on the territory of the shopping center of an autonomous station for separate waste collection SmartCity Separation Station 2 with sections for: plastic / glass / metal and mixed waste.

Implementation effect:

Introducing a culture of separate waste collection into the shopping center space Attracting attention in the separate collection of waste. Informing and increasing the engagement of shopping center shoppers Significant reduction in operating costs of the management company for the removal of MSW
Binology, together with the Moscow City Innovation Agency and the Kashirskaya plaza shopping and entertainment center, installed a high-tech complex for separate waste collection on the territory of the shopping center. SmartCity Separation Station 2 is solar-powered even in low sun conditions. The complex is equipped with a press compactor and can reduce the volume of waste up to 8 times. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ” The cloud-based SmartCity Management software allows you to monitor tank fill levels, predict pickup schedules and plan routes in accordance with current traffic conditions. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ” Banners with social Eco advertising allow you to intuitively determine in which section a certain type of waste should be thrown out. The station is installed at the central entrance to the shopping center with a daily traffic of more than five thousand people.