The trend for eco-friendly thinking is increasingly gaining popularity, it begins to affect new aspects of life and becomes the norm of our everyday life. Residents of megacities refuse plastic bags, replace disposable things with reusable ones, pay more attention to the composition of household chemicals and do not buy with excess, controlling their consumption.


LCD Serebrany Bor – samathe concept of the house, located 150 meters from the picturesque bank of the Moskva River, surrounded by centuries-old pine trees, makes you think about the careful attitude to the environment and responsible attitude to waste disposal


Binology Separation Waste Collection Station Station 3 is designed forseparate collection of paper and cardboard, plastic, glass and metal containers and mixed waste. The mixed waste section is equipped with a built-in press copactor.


The Binology Separation Station 3 is completely self-contained, powered by the control unit, the press compactor is powered by solar panels. The station was also equipped with additional options, such as an integrated ashtray and a dispatcher for cleaning packages for dogs

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